mandag den 11. december 2017


Not the national Christmas tree, but the prettier Christmas tree for sure!

Pretty Christmas decorations in the area we lived.

Gotta have a picture infront of the White House.

And the Monument!

Who travels from Europe to America without shopping??

Our breakfast EVERY morning! I  loved it!

Our every day workout! It is so important for me to get my workout in when I'm travelling!

Last morning, breakfast pick-up!

Hello all, last week I came back from Washington D.C, where I met up with my friend. I have been very jetlagged ever since I got back, so only getting around to do normal stuff today! I did not have a long time to plan this trip, as I usually do when I travel around, so we did a whole lot of shopping, which is fine by me anyway! ;) Of course we went to see the different attractions, such as The White House, which to me, wasn't as impressive as I thougt it would be. We say The Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall, the National Monument and some more shopping! 
Washington definitely surprised me! I did not expect to like it as much as I did. It is a good mix of a European big city and New York. Not too busy, but definitely not boring! I would recommend EVERYONE to go at least once in their lives.
We had breakfast at Fruitive EVERY single morning. I can not complain, as this was absolutely amazing. Super bowls in all different kinds!
I also try to get in a few workouts when I'm away to stay on track. If my hotel does not have a gym, I will do an "at-home-workout" in my hotel room. Fortunately this hotel had an agreement with a local gym, so we were able to use all their facilities.


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