tirsdag den 14. november 2017

Perfect Orlando holiday

Pretty instagramable neon lights in Copenhagen airport. Yes, the E is missing! 
Unbelieveable sights flying in. Spot an alligator!

Reunited with my best friend!

Don't mind the quality.. just love this picture!

Hogwarts. Enough said.

In Disney Springs.

Topgolf was a succes!

Miami bound.


So I just got back from 18 days off from work. The first week my boyfriend and I went to see my brother in Orlando, where he lives and works for Cirque Du Soleil, La Nouba. This was a great escape seeing as both of us spend the entire Summer behind a computer working away, getting some sun really did wonders for us! My best friend from Alabama and her mom from Texas flew in to hang out with us, which was just perfect! We went to see my brother perform.. and what an AMAZING show! You should really all go see the show if you are in Orlando before they close it down on December 31st. It's at Disney Springs! My best friend introduced us to Topgolf, which we don't have in Denmark, so this was new to the three of us, but a succes! We are now lifetime members ;)
Coming from Denmark, you simply don't go to the US without shopping, so of course we went to as many malls as possibly. Coming to Orlando also invites you to go to a park. We decided to go to Islands of Adventures in Universal, as my boyfriend and I are HUGE Jurrasic Park fans. The good thing? There was also half of Harry Potter world. We went through Hogwarts to go on a ride inside the school. If you want to visit the rest of Harry Potter world, you need to pay to go to both parks!
My friend and her mom left the next day, and we went down to Miami, where I could show my brother and my boyfriend where I used to work. We simply enjoyed life and went to the beach and did some more shopping. I purchased tickets to a Heat game from home, so the boys could get the right feeling of being at a basket ball match in the US.

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