tirsdag den 17. oktober 2017


This picture was taken at the end of La Rambla, down by the ocean. This statue was decorated nicely, and I couldn't resist a picture 

On La Rambla, they have the prettiest ice cream formed like roses

No trip to Barcelona without visiting Sagrada familia

We went to have smoothies and avocado toast EVERY morning

We couldn't come to Barcelona without going to see a game!

Last year in October, Alexander and I decided that we needed a vacation and our obvious choice was Barcelona. Both of us had been to Barcelona before, but me, only for 2 hours before a cruise and Alex on a study trip back in High School, so it was just okay to go again. We did all the touristy things you can do, went to see Sagrada Familia, took a bus ride around town, went to see a football game, did some shopping, went to the beach. All in all a great trip that I would do again in a hearbeat! Barcelona is definitely with a visit if you have never been there!

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