fredag den 6. oktober 2017

Cruising from Miami to Barcelona on Norwegian Epic

So back in 2014 I had a 3 months internship with the company I work for today. My internship was in Miami and one of the greatest experiences of my life! More of that another time..
When my internship ended in April and time to go back home, it turned out that it was much cheaper to sail across the atlantic ocean, than to fly. We ended up booking a ticket for the Norwegian Epic to take us to Barcelona and from there, fly home to Copenhagen. Eventhough this was a transatlantic cruise, and we didn't get to see a lot of cities, it was one of the nicest travel experiences of my life. We didn't have internet or TV for 11 days straight. So what do you do onboard a cruise ship for 11 days you ask?
Well luckily for us, this cruise was packed with college students, who had some of their classes onboard, and other young people who was going to Europe to work or other very exciting stuff. We ended up meeting lots of new people, some, I am still in contact with this day. We arranged soccer tournaments onboard for everyone who wanted to join. We hung out for dinner and for the late nights at Bliss. It was such an amazing time with a lot of amazing people, I wish I could it all over again!

We had a single stop on the way in Madeira in Portugal. To be honest, I didn't know ANYTHING about Madeira before we got there. It turns out they have the best wine, called Madeira wine (obviously). The island is small enough to get an impression of it, sit down and enjoy your wine before getting back onboard.

On our last day, I decided, that it was time to try the climbing wall out. I had been eyeing it out for days, but just didn't have the gut to do it. I finally did it, and I am SO happy I did. You may think "oh just a climbing wall- no big deal", but let me tell you, when you are over water, and you suddenly don't have ground under your shoes, the feeling is completely different. 

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