torsdag den 12. oktober 2017

Living in Miami pt 1

So back in 2014 (I feel like everything took place in 2014) I was living in Miami, Florida for a few months while I was doing my internship. I work in the cruise industry, so Port of Miami was where I went every single morning. I lived in an area called Coconut Grove, which is a fine area with train connections to downtown, but that is about it. If you want to go any further, to South Beach or Nikki Beach, or to any of the malls, it just takes a bit more to get around. Definitely get a car if you are going to Miami and not staying in South Beach area. This is my first part, second part to come.

Coco walk in Coconut Grove, the area we lived in

Always by the sea

We made it to South Beach once or twice

..And REALLY enjoyed it

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