søndag den 8. oktober 2017

New York, New York

As mentioned before, back in 2014 I interned for a company in America. I left my home town and security blanket and left for 4 months. It was already a plan from the start, that my family and Alexander would come visit me in Miami. But as it turns out, Miami does not have a lot to offer for a family like ours, that love the BIG city feeling, and to see new things every day. Therefore, we decided to all meet up in New York, of course!
It was my second time in New York and Alexander's first. We stayed at a hotel in Hoboken, a part of New Jersey that I would never choose again, but it worked out for us.
Every day we would take the bus into the city and spend the entire day there. Something that is typical for our family and that we did do a lot of, was to get some bread, some drinks etc. and bring it to Central Park and enjoy Nature, each other ad just chill.

I also got the chance to meet up with a woman I met back in Copenhagen, when I checked her and her family in for their cruise on the Norwegian Star. We went out for lunch, went shopping and went to the top of Rockefeller to have the best view of the city. This is simply a MUST if you are in New York, even if it seems a little touristy.

All in all, a PERFECT New York trip with the people I love the most!

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